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Family and a UFO

It has been a busy couple of weeks here in SE PDX.  My parents drove in from Minnesota to visit for ten days (in part to help me celebrate my birthday), then hubby’s brother and his brother’s girlfriend were in for a quick weekend to visit from Austin, which meant a quicker trip out to the coast where hubby’s dad now lives.  It was two straight weeks of family visiting and running around.  I loved seeing everyone and treasure the time we spent together, but I was also glad when everyone was gone and I could recharge my introvert batteries.  Two weeks is too long without some serious alone time.

So, I jumped back into the sewing project that I was midway through before family visits, the KwikSew 2684 (out of print).  I un-finished it yesterday.  Here are some of the thoughts I had while working on this make this month.

  • That split-second when triumph at successfully inserting eight darts into a dress turns into panic when you wonder if you just inserted them incorrectly.  (I didn’t.)
  • That moment when you look at two pieces from a princess-seamed bodice and think that they can’t possibly match up like the instructions tell you they do.  But, with a little help from a tailor’s ham, they do.  It’s like magic.
  • The realization that you shouldn’t follow a slippery, fraying mess of a chiffon make with a slippery, fraying mess of a rayon make.  Next time I will insert a nice stable cotton make in between for sanity’s sake.  And use spray starch.
  • The moment in the construction where you start to realize that it’s probably not going to fit (no thanks to you and your lying size charts, Big Pattern Companies!) and you’re making a UFO, or a really nice piece for Goodwill.  At least it’s just a muslin.

I cut a straight size L for this muslin, as I was close to the L measurements for bust, waist, and hips.  After hours of working with the slippery rayon and sewing the dozen or so bodice pieces earlier in the month, yesterday I sewed the side seams, did a trial fit, and was swimming in it.  I took the side seams all in, but then had to take the bust in by several inches on each side. The bodice was obviously too large, which resulted in the straps being too long.  Being a self-lined princess-seamed bodice, to properly correct the straps would require removing the zipper and undoing the waist seam to remove the bodice, etc.  Even if I properly fixed that issue, because the bodice was a size too large the straps barely stayed on my shoulders.  Hubby commented that he liked the off-the-shoulder look, but I knew that  I would never wear it, even if I took the time to fix it properly.  On closer inspection, I also noticed that the zipper needed to be reinserted.  It was a normal zipper insertion, and somehow I didn’t sew the seam long enough, so there was about an 1/8″ of unsewn fabric below the zipper stop. (?!!) Thinking about the time it would take to unpick and correct all of these little mistakes, on top of all the time I’d already spent on the project… I felt frustrated.  Time to step away from the sewing machine and hang the UFO (UnFinished Object) in the closet.

Having slept on it, I know I’ll never wear the dress, even if I do take the time to fix it properly.  I love the teal fabric, so I will try to eek a top out of the fabric in the skirt.  And I will remake this pattern, cutting a size M bust.  I think it will be great for my oil refinery border print.  Someday.  Not now.

Sewing is always a battle with my Virgo perfectionist self.  “Good enough” isn’t good enough for me.  And leaving a project unfinished is against my nature, too.  However, sometimes you have to move on.  Which is what I’m going to do.  Time to start on my Colette Clover muslin.  Denim is going to feel like a dream after the slippery fabrics I’ve worked with the last month.