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Birthday cake

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday.  A milestone one, according to some.  But really, isn’t every birthday a milestone?

We started it as we start all birthdays: with cake and ice cream for breakfast.  Hubby likes homemade angel food cake, so that’s what I made, with fresh whipped cream and berries. This year I remembered the pirate candles I bought, so we had fire, too.

The birthday cake for breakfast tradition started years ago, according to my mom.  As I recall my mom’s telling of it*, we were living in England at the time and mom was making a cake for my birthday party in the afternoon.  I was young at the time, maybe 2 years old?  I came down in the morning and said something like it was my birthday now, so why couldn’t we eat it now?  My mom couldn’t argue with my logic, so the birthday cake for breakfast tradition was born.

*I’m probably not remembering it quite right, so feel free to jump in and correct me, Mom.