J2K1 – Kamakura & Nagoya

Japan, October 1-17, 2001
Kamakura & Nagoya

Having studied Art History as an undergraduate, I was determined to visit some of the major historical sites on my first visit.  Luckily, the Daibutsu at Kamakura is a quick day-trip from Tokyo.

Beautiful workmanship.  The Buddha used to be housed inside, but the building washed away in a tsunami at one point, several hundred years ago.

The Buddha’s back.  We wondered at the windows.

For 20 yen per person, you could climb into the Buddha.

Our ryokan (Japanese inn) in Nagoya; six mat size for sleeping the four of us.  And nice baths.

Our primary objective in staying in Nagoya was a visit to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (TCMIT).  Toyota started as a weaving company, then expanded into automobiles.  This is an AMAZING museum to visit; most all of the machines still work.  Below, a circular loom in the lobby.  Giant tubes of fabric!  So very cool.

Some of the hood ornament details from the early Toyota autos.

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