Month: May 2012

Small world

Something from the “It’s a small world” category:

 One of the gentlemen who’s helping me arrange a home stay for Tokyo e-mailed to confirm my application today.  He also mentioned that he had visited in Portland in April, mainly in the Clinton Street theatre area.  (Right where our old rental used to be, and just down the road from where we live now.)  He said he was surprised by the coincidence.  He’s not the only one.
Maybe I’ll have to get at least one shirt that has ‘Portland’ emblazoned on it before I go.


All of a sudden, I have no time.  I found out Tuesday that I was accepted into a summer study-abroad in Tokyo; I leave in less than a month.  So, suddenly the last couple of weeks of the term got a little busier.  I have wanted to do a study abroad with a home-stay and this is the opportunity, so I’m going to grab it!  I’m terrified and excited all at the same time.  Thankfully the last 10 days of classes, finals, and graduation will keep me distracted.

Summer is the only time of year I have not traveled in Japan, so I’m looking forward to this adventure and the new experiences it will bring.  I hope to visit some matsuri while there, and watch (hopefully in person) some of the summer high school baseball tournament.  Perhaps I’ll try to see some of the Tokyo area pro baseball teams, too, as I understand the experience is quite different from here in the US.

Making time

I made time for an instant gratification sewing project this weekend: a super easy Kwik Sew top, in a lovely Japanese cotton print from my friend Angela’s etsy shop.  Now, if only summer would come back so that I could wear it.



What’s a girl to do?

For the first time that I can remember all term, I had a couple of hours free this evening.  No pressing assignments or deadlines or reading that HAD to be done tonight… and I had no idea what to do.  And so, I cleaned.

Oh, and I finally got this blog up and running.